# The ISWOC treebank

The ISWOC Treebank is a dependency treebank with morphosyntactic and information-structure annotation. It includes texts in Germanic and Romance languages and is freely available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License (opens new window).

# Downloads

Releases are hosted on GitHub (opens new window).

You can download the latest release (opens new window) or see previous releases (opens new window).

# Citing

If you use the treebank, please cite as:

Bech, Kristin and Kristine Eide. 2014. The ISWOC corpus. Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages, University of Oslo. http://iswoc.github.io.

# Contents

The following texts are included in the ISWOC treebank:

Text Language
Ælfric's Lives of Saints Old English
Apollonius of Tyre Old English
Anglo-Saxon Chronicles Old English
Orosius Old English
West-Saxon Gospels Old English
La Vie Saint Eustace Old French
Crónica Geral de Espanha 2-12, 155-167 Portuguese
Décadas Livro 5, VIII, 9-14 Portuguese

Please see the data files in the release distribution for complete contributor details and editorial notes.

# Annotation system

The morphosyntactic annotation scheme is described in the Annotation Guide.

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